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Market Stalls Tory U Turn

by Gareth Wilson on 26 February, 2010

Ian, Gareth, Jeremy and Jonathan Chatfield at Ely Market

East Cambs District Council have reversed their decision regarding Ely markets, which would have caused about 20 traders to lose their livelihoods, and the market itself to change in style  My motion was accepted, with a minor amendment by the Tories to enable them to reverse everything they have been saying for the last three weeks NOTICE OF MOTIONS UNDER PROCEDURE RULE 10          This Council supports Ely Market as a vibrant, profitable and successful attraction for visitors and shoppers to the City of Ely.We recognise the concerns of thousands of petitioners who are worried about the proposals to reduce the support to the traders.          We therefore instruct the Internal Overview and Scrutiny Committee to investigate how the market could be strengthened improved and expanded with full consultation with the market traders. During this investigation period, no changes should be made to the current terms and conditions of the market traders and market stalls should continue to be provided.           To enable the Council to approve a balanced budget under agenda item 10, that the savings identified from this proposal be met from reserves during this consultation period.            The recommendations from the Internal Overview and Scrutiny Committee should be reported to the Community Services Committee.The motion was proposed by myself and seconded by Ian Allen  my deputy leader of the Lib Dem Group and Fred Brown hadsaid that it would be voted down. The amendment was added for the council meeting,by the Conservatives after receiving a letter last Friday from the traders legal representative, Richard Buxton. They are Cambridge solicitors specializing in Environmental and Public Law.The motion and the amendment were approved unanimously A large number of traders and the public attended the meeting and were rewarded by this complete turn around. I am so pleased that people power + a solicitor worked. After weeks of uncertainty, it is a great relief. Jane Howell who led the campaign did a tremendous amount of work. So many people were committed to the cause and went out of their way to sign the petition, and collect signatures from other people, letters were written, questions were asked and endless research was carried out on the internet. All in the space of 4 weeks.

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