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by Gareth Wilson on 4 February, 2015

A proposal from Liberal Democrats on East Cambs District Council to set up a fund to support road safety schemes in the district has been rejected by the ruling Conservatives on the council. The proposal would have enabled £40,000 a year to ve been spent on projects such as safe crossings, but was turned down […]

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20’s Plenty

by Gareth Wilson on 21 February, 2013

I believe that traffic should travel slowly enough to allow children (and adults too) to walk and cycle safely. . I believe most people in Britain want a better quality of life, a safer place to live and, if possible, an environmentally sustainable neighbourhood too. I feel that, for a whole host of reasons residential […]

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At the Haddenham Annual Parish meeting last Wednesday, Inspector Alan Savill demonstrated the Speedwatch equipment and explained that the purpose of using it was to educate motorists to slow down, when driving through villages. He said that it had already been successful in reducing speeds and in showing the police where and at what time […]

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Give Park and Ride Another Chance

by Gareth Wilson on 25 February, 2009

At yesterday’s East Cambridgeshire District Council meeting as they met to set next year’s budget. I called for a stay of execution for Ely’s Angel Drove Park and Ride. I wanted to give the service another chance to see if it can be successful by offering free parking on Saturday, good signage and with the […]

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Straw Mess in Haddenham

by Gareth Wilson on 11 February, 2009

Residents in Haddenham have been contacting us, complaining about the straw mess when straw lorries drive through the village. We have taken this up with the power station management and they came to our Parish Council working party. They are now applying for a change to planning conditions. The Straw Burning Plant has at long […]

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by Gareth Wilson on 18 January, 2009

Many of you have complained about speeding through our villages. This has been raised many times at our Neighbourhood Panel meetings. In partnership with the police we have introduced Speedwatch. Inspector Savill instructed a group of volunteers from villages across the West Neighbourhood patch on the use of Speedwatch equipment. New equipment has been provided […]

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Lib Dem Councillor Acts to Save Lives after County Refuses

by Gareth Wilson on 12 November, 2008

Haddenham Liberal Democrat Councillor Pauline Wilson has erected home-made signs on a dangerous fen road where a grandmother died, because she is fed up waiting for the county council to take action. Cllr Wilson fears more drivers could be killed this winter on the stretch of road at Grunty Fen which claimed the life of […]

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Lib Dems Attack Move to put Mereham back on the Map

by Gareth Wilson on 12 November, 2008

A controversial move to allow the 5,000 home Mereham new town to rise from the ashes has been attacked by East Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats. They claim a new bid for Mereham should never have been accepted by the East of England Regional Assembly.And they have accused the assembly’s chairman, Tory county councillor John Reynolds of […]

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Heavy lorries threaten villages

by Gareth Wilson on 22 September, 2008

Heavy lorries carrying tons of gravel could thunder through Haddenham and Wilburton every two minutes under a controversial county council plan.There could be more than 1,000 extra lorries a day – or a massive 40 per cent increase – under the plan to allow gravel extraction at Mepal.Liberal Democrat councilors fear that children walking to school […]

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