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Lib Dem Win in East Cambridgeshire

by Gareth Wilson on 29 April, 2014

      Yesterday the Liberal Democrats stormed to victory in Sutton, East Cambridgeshire. Lorna Dupre gained the seat previously held by the Conservative Council Leader. Cllr Dupre came from third place in 2011 to take 50.9% of the vote (an increase of 27%). The Conservative and Labour candidates saw large drops in their support. […]

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Berry Fen Wind Farm

by Gareth Wilson on 4 April, 2014

The East Cambs Planning Committee met on Wednesday 2nd April to decide on a Planning Application for a 61metre anemometer.  The Case officer recommended approval. The Planning Committee is a quasi judicial committee, which must follow certain rules and the applicant can appeal the decision to a Government Inspector whose decision is final.  The Inspector […]

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Duck Lane Road Safety Project

by Gareth Wilson on 10 March, 2014

Traffic Calming Measures are due to be implemented. Works are programmed to commence Monday 24th March 2014 with a potential road closure on the 31st March to install the crossing table. Works before this will involve extending the footway into the existing lay-by. Diversion route will be signed via A1123, High Street, Linden End and […]

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Labour’s Never-Ending Gobstopper!

by Gareth Wilson on 26 November, 2013

“We’d tax the bankers” has become the familiar refrain of Labour Party activists and councillors across the country, but it is still a surprise to see just how many of their policies are now being funded by this single commitment! Someone’s done the maths and have found that the same bankers’ levy has been now […]

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A14 tolling nightmare for East Cambs villages

by Gareth Wilson on 31 July, 2013

Proposals for tolling part of the A14 could lead to traffic short-cutting through villages across East Cambridgeshire, a local Lib Dems have warned Cllr Gareth Wilson said: “If tolling is introduced on the A14, traffic including many heavy vehicles may short-cut through Ely and villages like Wicken, Stretham, Wilburton, Haddenham and Sutton. Turners of Soham […]

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Making Cambridgeshire a better place to live

by Gareth Wilson on 4 April, 2013

Making Cambridgeshire a better place to live Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats Manifesto 2013  The Liberal Democrats want to make Cambridgeshire a better place for people to live, in its cities, towns and villages, because we believe that the success of Cambridgeshire’s economy depends on quality of life more than in any other shire county. To make […]

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Tory U-turn

by Gareth Wilson on 15 March, 2013

Local Liberal Democrats have expressed astonishment at the last-minute decision by East Cambs Conservative leader Peter Moakes to scrap his flagship policy of charging for car parking in Ely.  Cllr Moakes’s move comes only eighteen days after he opposed a Lib Dem proposal not to introduce the charges, and only seven and a half weeks […]

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Email from Nick Clegg

by Gareth Wilson on 2 March, 2013

Dear Gareth, What a victory! After three weeks of seriously intense campaigning, we’ve done it. Mike Thornton is the new MP for Eastleigh. Waiting for news from the count was nerve-wracking. We knew we’d had a stellar polling day operation and got our voters out: but was it going to be enough? And then Hilary […]

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by Gareth Wilson on 22 February, 2013

CONSERVATIVE COUNCIL BLOCKS LAST MINUTE ATTEMPT TO KEEP FREE PARKING FOR ELY An attempt by Lib Dem councillors to stop charges for Ely car parks being introduced this year was defeated by the ruling Conservatives on East Cambridgeshire District Council. The proposal, put forward by East Cambs Lib Dem leader Gareth Wilson at the council […]

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20’s Plenty

by Gareth Wilson on 21 February, 2013

I believe that traffic should travel slowly enough to allow children (and adults too) to walk and cycle safely. . I believe most people in Britain want a better quality of life, a safer place to live and, if possible, an environmentally sustainable neighbourhood too. I feel that, for a whole host of reasons residential […]

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