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Hod Hall Lane Travellers’ Site thrown out

by Gareth Wilson on 6 April, 2011

At yesterdays East Cambs Strategic Development Committee The proposal to consider a new travellers site in Hod Hall Lane was debated. With a large number of Haddenham residents in the public gallery Cllr. Ian Allen spoke about the unsuitable nature of this site. Cllr Pauline Wilson pointed out that the area suffered from flooding already […]

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Tory Cuts to recycling hits Haddenham Parish Council

by Gareth Wilson on 28 March, 2011

ECDC has decided to replace the recycling credits it receives from CCC and has previously passed completely on to the 22 parish councils, schools, village halls and charities hosting recycling bank receptacles. They had been based on £38 per tonne. The proposal to pay a fixed rent of £60 per receptacle per year has been […]

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Tories mislead over council tax freeze

by Gareth Wilson on 21 March, 2011

East Cambridgeshire Tories, whose poor financial management has forced them to make spending cuts across the district, have taken full credit for a freeze in council tax when it has only been made possible by a grant from the coalition government. The district council has been offered a £99,000 grant – equivalent to a 2.5 […]

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Tories on East Cambridgeshire District Council have ploughed more than £500,000 of taxpayers’ money on a new leisure centre for Ely which is in the wrong place. The money has paid for consultants and architect’s fees but not one brick has been laid and the Tories have no idea how they will raise up to […]

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by Gareth Wilson on 9 February, 2011

East Cambridgeshire Tories are stashing away hundreds of thousands of pounds for a “rainy day” while cutting grants to crucial charities across the district. They have put almost £450,000 into a reserve account and plan to push this figure up to £1.2 million in the next four years. The reserve fund is on top of […]

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Hod Hall Lane again

by Gareth Wilson on 20 January, 2011

Hod Hall Lane Travellers site was discussed again by Councilors at the meeting of Strategic Development Committee on 18th January 2011. It followed a number of questions from members of the public. The Councilors agreed that it was important to try and determine the District Council’s approach to gypsy and travellers as soon as possible, […]

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Happy Christmas

by Gareth Wilson on 24 December, 2010


by Gareth Wilson on 8 December, 2010

Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claimed today that the Government’s higher education reforms would turn universities into “engines of social mobility” as he tried to stave off a damaging Liberal Democrat rebellion.In an article for the Financial Times today, Mr Clegg suggested the Government faced a choice between increasing fees or having to […]

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Tuition Fees

by Gareth Wilson on 19 November, 2010

Tim Faron our new Lib Dem President writes  I shall vote against a rise in tuition fees because I made a pledge that I would do so. Fees are the poll tax of our generation and I cannot in good conscience vote for an increase. It is not for me to tell colleagues how to […]

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Coalition Message

by Gareth Wilson on 5 October, 2010

Labour left a legacy of debt and failure People should feel let down We need to fix Britain’s economy Things are going to be tough The Lib Dems are delivering for Britain We can be proud of the difference we are making What Labour won’t tell you Labour planned cuts of 20% to every Government […]

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