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by Gareth Wilson on 30 April, 2015

Sandra moved to Haddenham after retirement from working in a stroke unit and cardiac ward. Sandra led the campaign and petition to keep the local bus service
with the support of 275 fellow passengers and took the fight to the County Council.
Like many grandparents Sandra takes her two grandsons to and from school. She is active in the village with a regular litter pick, and is a long time supporter and branch member of the Royal British Legion. She has an interest in Roman history in Britain
and has worked on an excavation at Hadrian’s Wall. Sandra is keen to work for the interests of the villages of Haddenham ward.
Pauline has lived in Haddenham with her husband Gareth for 15 years. She is a district and parish councillor and deacon of Haddenham Baptist Church. In her spare time she
enjoys sequence dancing and is a member of Witchford Voices Choir. Pauline has fought for the District Council to give grants for sports facilities and village halls and
projects throughout the District, such as Dial-a-Ride – against strong Tory opposition. She enjoys helping the many local residents who come to her with all sorts of problems including planning applications, financial issue, homelessness and Sanctuary housing
issues and Anglian Water problems. If re-elected she will try and get measures in place to reduce speeding traffic and lorries rat running through our villages.
Gareth is leader of the Liberal Democrats on the district council and an active member of the parish council. A chartered accountant, Gareth is treasurer and deacon of Haddenham Baptist Church, treasurer of the Arkenstall Village Centre Charity and the Recreation Centre Charity, and financial advisor to the Friends of Haddenham Library. He was a founder member of the Say No to Mereham committee and of Speedwatch in our area.
Gareth raised the money to get new play equipment at Haddenham (£100,000) and Aldreth (£18,500), and new toilet facilities at the Arkenstall Centre (£31,000). He will continue to work hard to keep and improve village facilities.

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