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Jonathan Chatfield writes

by Gareth Wilson on 16 April, 2015

Lots of people have asked me for our election Manifesto, and we’ve just published it. You can read it here in a number of different formats, so take your pick.
Read our full manifesto here
You may be particularly interested in our policies on education, the health service and housing.
Locally, I’ve been talking a lot about the need for more money for our schools and hospitals, and there in the manifesto is a commitment to an extra £2.5 billion for education and £8 billion for the NHS.
As I know personally with our six-year old son attending the local village Infants School, funding for education is so important, especially here in Cambridgeshire where our schools have received too little money over the years. And it is in contrast to the Conservatives whose spending plans for the next five years put education spending under threat.
The £8 billion for the NHS is exactly what it needs – real investment and a time to consolidate after decades of reforms.
But it’s on housing where a set of policies in the Lib Dem manifesto shows up what a mess the Conservatives have made round here. Lib Dems recognise that when more homes are built they must be affordable, energy efficient and have good public transport links. The Conservatives both in government and locally do the opposite and communities across South East Cambridgeshire are suffering needlessly as a result.
The Conservatives think that housing policy is merely about sweeping bureaucracy away and opening the door for housing developers. In total contrast, the Lib Dems know that housing policy is about fairness, families, climate change and transport too.
If there’s one thing you should know about this manifesto, it’s that policies that would make a real difference to our quality of life in South East Cambridgeshire are there ready to be introduced.
I would love to hear what you think about the policies within the manifesto. Do drop me a line. We are also working flat out on the campaign here in SE Cambs. It is going really well, but we would love you to get involved.
Do contact us online, call us on 01353 664348, or call into our office at 55 Market Street, Ely.
Jonathan Chatfield

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