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Dial A Ride Disaster

by Gareth Wilson on 9 March, 2015

Trustees move to close Ely & Soham Dial A Ride from 31 March

Years of Tory council cuts take their toll

Hope of transfer to keep service alive?

Following a series of Conservative council cuts, members of Ely & Soham Dial A Ride recently voted to close the organisation from 31 March.

Haddenham Liberal Democrat councillors Gareth and Pauline Wilson have been at the

forefront of the battle to keep community transport going in Ely and surrounding villages.

Pauline recently ensured an annual fund of £15,000 from the district council to support

community transport. Meanwhile, Gareth successfully persuaded the Dial A Ride members not to close the organisation until an alternative service was in place for those who need it.

He has been elected to the Board of Trustees to help oversee transfer to a suitable organisation.

Pauline said: “Community transport is vital to many elderly and disabled people, saving them from being prisoners in their own home.”

Gareth added: “The closure of Dial A Ride has been a sad day – but though we have lost the organisation we have hopefully saved the service.”

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