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Lib Dem Win in East Cambridgeshire

by Gareth Wilson on 29 April, 2014




  Yesterday the Liberal Democrats stormed to victory in Sutton, East Cambridgeshire. Lorna Dupre gained the seat previously held by the Conservative Council Leader.

Cllr Dupre came from third place in 2011 to take 50.9% of the vote (an increase of 27%). The Conservative and Labour candidates saw large drops in their support. The Tories dropped to second with 27.2% (-19.2%), UKIP who did not stand in 2011 came third with 15.8% and Labour came in last with 6.1% (-23.6%)

Well done Lorna!

The result declared was

 Sutton (East Cambs District Council) by election result: 

 Lib Dem              523              50.9%

Con                       280              27.2%

UKIP                    162              15.8%

Lab                         63                6.1%

Total votes       1028            100.0%

 Lib Dem gain from Con –  Majority 243

 33.1% turnout             Spoilt papers 6

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