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Haddenham Play Equipment

by Gareth Wilson on 10 July, 2012

The Parish Council is upgrading and enhancing the play facilities at Haddenham Recreation Ground This project will provide new play equipment at the site in order to bring it up to a modern standard and promote more usage by the residents of the parish.  The upgrade will broaden the appeal and open it up to a wider section of the community.  We intend to refurbish and repaint any existing equipment that is still in good working order and to install new equipment as per the wishes of the children.  The main projects is being funded by WREN funding of £35,000 (Landfill Communities Fund) and Awards for All of £10,000 (part of Lotteries Funding) with approximately £55,000 from Section 106 (Developers Funding.)

We are adding some outdoor gym equipment for the use of teenagers, parents and grandparents as this was specifically requested by many of those young people and their parents during our consultations.  In fact, the Haddenham Youth Club organised a petition for this.


The nearest Gym is in Ely and this is about eight miles away and the bus service is only every two hours with no service in the evenings and on Sunday.  The nearest out door gym equipment is at Littleport 12.5 miles away.

There are other play areas in Wilburton, Stretham, Wentworth and Witchford, but none in walking distance of Haddenham.  There is a small one in Aldreth but that is at least a mile away and aimed at younger children and also in need of refurbishment.


Everyone living in Haddenham or nearby will be encouraged to keep fit on this equipment.  People who would not dream of joining a gym will find it easy to try one or two of these items without embarrassment or cost.  People would be able to use them while taking their children to the play area or watching a football or cricket match, or just walking in the recreation field.  The five a side teams, the netball teams and the slimming and youth clubs would be able to get warmed up on these facilities.  The children will be encouraged to make more use of our existing play equipment (swings and a slide) when they are repainted and look more cheerful.

Proper seating will be available to parents and grandparents and secure fencing and gates will protect the younger children.


People have better chances in life with Fitter young people and healthier older people.

We have already involved people from all over the village in the consultation process with delivering questionnaires, and meeting the equipment suppliers.  The school and the youth club and parents have been actively helping to decide what equipment is needed


When the play equipment project is completed, there will be activities for every age group.  Some of the equipment will be aimed at very young children and toddlers.  Slightly older children will be encouraged to try the more adventurous equipment.  Those less active will be able to play in the imaginary castle or whatever else they could imagine it to be.  Those who like climbing will be catered for.  In addition, the equipment for the older children will be much more exiting and require more skills than the old-fashioned and rather dull stuff we have now.  Teenagers will enjoy the zip wire and the outdoor gym equipment.  Our local sports teams will be able to use the gym equipment prior to matches or during training.  This will also be used by our youth club and the slimming world classes in the summer.  We hope that parents and grandparents will use the gym equipment when they bring their children to play and we have sited it so that it can be used while giving a good view of the play area.  Some of the play equipment has been designed to be able to be used by those who have a disability and most can be used by several children at once so they can play together.

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