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Hod Hall Lane again

by Gareth Wilson on 20 January, 2011

Hod Hall Lane Travellers site was discussed again by Councilors at the meeting of Strategic Development Committee on 18th January 2011. It followed a number of questions from members of the public. The Councilors agreed that it was important to try and determine the District Council’s approach to gypsy and travellers as soon as possible, as part of the Core Strategy review. It was resolved that a report on gypsy and travellers should be tabled at the next meeting of Strategic Development Committee on 5th April 2011.

Pauline, spoke at this meeting to explain the situation in Haddenham and the unsuitability of Hod Hall Lane.

Gareth established that although Hod Hall Lane and Elmfield were included in an LDF consultation paper published in July 2010, as potential future options for gypsy and traveller sites, however it is important to note that none of these potential site options were endorsed. The Government’s policy position is developing at pace. The Government intends to replace Circular 01/2006 with lighter touch guidance. The Council will carry out a full assessment of local gypsy and traveller needs through the Core Strategy Review in line with any new guidance.

Ian pointed out that the site at Hod Hall Lane had already been rejected as a housing site so why would it be considered a suitable site for travellers.

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