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Jonathan Chatfield

by Gareth Wilson on 19 April, 2010

Jonathn talks to GarethJonathan Chatfield writes

We have just completed the first week of a four-week campaign and it’s been a good week. The Manifesto launch went well and so did the first Prime Ministerial debate. This is all good, but it is just one quarter of the campaign and one third of the debates. There is much yet to be done and the pressure on us will intensify as things progress.

We must continue to build on the progress we have made so far. We must continue to push hard on our fairness agenda:

Fair taxes that put money back into your pocket
A fair chance for every child
A fair future, creating jobs by making Britain greener
A fair deal by cleaning up politics
We will not be diverted by opposition attacks. The truth is clear: there is something exciting beginning to happen in this election. And to ensure the next three weeks go just as well we simply must focus on putting our policies forward. The voters have three weeks to determine what will happen.

We offer a different way of doing things; different from the old politics, real change, real hope for the future.

Do contact me on or 07887 897 132 if you can help in the local campaign.

PS. Remember in SE Cambs, it is a clear choice between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats on 06 May 2010.

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