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Fair taxes for all

by Gareth Wilson on 9 April, 2010

Yesterday: Campaigning in Liverpool Nick Clegg described the Conservatives’ pledge to protect low and middle-income earners from tax rises as a ‘bit of a con’ and that only millionaires would get tax breaks under the Tories.

Today: Nick Clegg will attack Tory spending plans during a speech in Glasgow.

Extract from speech: “Every Scottish person knows from the Poll Tax that you cannot trust the Conservatives on tax.

“Your taxes will go up under the Conservatives, and here’s why.

“The Conservatives have made a series of tax promises in the last few years, tax breaks for millionaires with a £2m exemption from inheritance tax, tax breaks for married couples, a freeze in Council Tax, reducing the impact of Labour’s proposed rises in National Insurance and another National Insurance tax break for small businesses.”

Paying for all these tax promises would cost £13.5bn.”

Meanwhile Vince Cable described Gordon Brown’s pledge to maintain the 20p tax rate as: ‘a lame gesture.’

“This is a lame gesture. If you want a fairer tax system that puts money back in the pockets of millions of people, the only party that will do that is the Liberal Democrats.”

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