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Ely Market Threat by Tory Administration

by Gareth Wilson on 30 January, 2010


• Ely Market has traded since the Middle Ages and is an important part of our heritage

• It is loved by everybody and brings tourists and visitors to the city and into the shops

• But the market is under threat. It has been targeted for cuts as the district council tries to get itself out of a financial crisis.

• Traders are going to be asked buy and erect their own stalls. If this happens almost half the traders at the Collectors’ Market and a third of those at the Farmers’ Market have said they will be forced to quit.

• This cannot be allowed to happen. Please sign our petition.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP We have only 2 weeks left to let the
Council know that we are not prepared to let them damage, what is a unique
well-established centre to our city.
Please sign the petition, but only once.
Attend the Policy and Resources Committee where the markets will be
discussed. Being present indicates your concern but if you can place a
question or a statement about how you feel in the box on the way in, the
the committee is duty bound to hear and respond to your views. If it’s a
question add your name and address, so they can write to you if
necessary. The meeting will be held at 5.0pm on Tuesday 2nd February
at The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, Cambs. CB7 4PL
Or you can email a question/statement to: ref: P & R Committee.
There is also a Personnel Committee at 4.30pm on Thursday 4th
February. Again please try to attend and write or email your concerns as
outlined above. Agendas for these meetings can be found by googling
East Cambs District Council, Click on ‘committees’ then on the meetings.
Email for the Personnel Committee:

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