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Update on Hod Hall Lane Planning

by Gareth Wilson on 25 May, 2009

The applicant has put in an amended plan. The East Cambs officers were concerned that the utility building for one pitch was about the same size as previously for four pitches and contacted the applicant to see if he wished to change the plans.

The changes made are however very minor. The outer measurements of the site have been revised and the utility block, which originally consisted of two rooms with separate entrances now has an intercommunicating door.

The plan still shows the existing barn refurbished and four concrete hard standing areas.

If this is in reality still four pitches then this has already been rejected at Planning Committee.

The Haddenham Planning Committee is discussing the revised plans on Wednesday 27th May at 7.00pm in the Arkenstall Centre. The probability is that it will then go to the East Cambs Planning Committee on June 10th where a decision will be made.  However officers have told me that because of the complicated nature of this application the full report might not be ready by then and in which case it would go to the July Planning Committee (Wednesday 1st July).  As soon as I know I will publish the information on my web site.

All letters already sent to East Cambs Planners regarding the original plan for one pitch will be carried forward to the amended plan so there is no need to write in again unless you have a new point to make.

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