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Cricket in Haddenham

by Gareth Wilson on 14 March, 2009

 Haddenham Rec Ground

Haddenham Rec Ground waiting for the sub soil  Waiting for the sub soil

At long last the work on the Recreation Ground has restarted

 For a long time the delay first due to waiting for grant confirmation, then for a licence to dump subsoil on the ground, then the credit crunch dried up supplies of sub soil from development sites.  The weather caused further delays. However the work started, admittedly at greater cost. 

Sub soil being delivered  laying the top soil

Sub soil being delivered                                                                  laying the top soil

Subsoil down to make the football pitch level.  Then replacing the topsoil. 

 top soil being replaced     checking the level

top soil being replaced                                                      checking the level

This will be followed by seeding. 

Please keep children and dogs off the newly seeded grass.

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