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Council Tax Increase: 2.45% or 3.9%?

by Gareth Wilson on 23 February, 2009

Cambridgeshire County Council Lib Dems have proposed a 2.45% Council Tax increase, compared to the Conservative plan for a 3.9% hike. We are also proposing to invest an extra £10.5 million in priority services.

Councillor Nichola Harrison of Petersfield said, ‘These proposals can be afforded because we have identified ‘fat’ in the Council’s budget – and cut it out! Reserves are 27% higher than forecast a year ago, yet during the same period highway repairs have been halted and more bus services lost.’

Aside from the Council Tax reduction, our proposals include a £10.5 million 2 year spending package which will fund:

– A new policy to put more police officers into our local communities to beat anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood crime.
– Delivery of lower speed limits and better enforcement where requested.
– A major £7 million package to transform our neglected roads and pavements.
– Practical projects to give young people something to do in the evening.
– Help that enables local volunteers and charities to achieve the best they can for their communities.
– Practical projects in schools that reduce energy consumption and teach children how to care for their world.
– Much needed improvements for bus and rail travel.

This Tory administration is a shambles.  It has frozen highways repairs while spending a small fortune on glossy publications that are shamelessly political; it is cutting back already substandard care for Adults and Children (i.e., everyone) and is now proposing one of the highest council tax increases in the country, in a time of deepening recession.  They call their leaflets “In Touch”, but has any budget ever been quite so out of touch?

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