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by Gareth Wilson on 18 January, 2009

Many of you have complained about speeding through our villages. This has been raised many times at our Neighbourhood Panel meetings. In partnership with the police we have introduced Speedwatch.

Inspector Savill instructed a group of volunteers from villages across the West Neighbourhood patch on the use of Speedwatch equipment.

New equipment has been provided and teams of three volunteers will soon be on our streets checking the speed of vehicles. Choosing roads where speeding is known to occur they will record the details of vehicles driving way above the speed limit. These details will be passed to the police who will write a warning letter to the offender.

This is an effort to educate drivers and encourage them to stick to the speed limits in our villages. No-one will be prosecuted.

However the police will use the information provided to see where the most speeding occurs and if they follow up by using their speed equipment then motorists caught speeding by them will be prosecuted and get points on their licence.

If you would like to get involved in helping to make our busy village streets safer, then contact me with your email address. (Pauline and I are the Speedwatch coordinators for the West area of East Cambs) We need more volunteers.

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