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Hod Hall Lane Planning Committee decision

by Gareth Wilson on 9 January, 2009

About 50 members of the public filed into the Council Chamber at 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 7th January to listen to the Planning Committee. Most were from Haddenham. The Planning Committee listened carefully to the planning officer summing up of their position. She read out the statement from Cllr Pauline Wilson expressing her opposition to the proposal to site 4 pitches on land in Hod Hall Lane. Mr Steven Blackmore then spoke on behalf of the local residents who were objecting to the application. Mr John Flanders the applicant then spoke in favour. Cllr Ian Allen as local member and Travellers Champion explained why he was against this proposal although keen to see that travellers were given a fair deal.

It was then open to members of the Planning committee. I explained the local circumstances, in particular the problems of drainage and access, pointing out that the officers had refused to allow the bus transporting committee members, on the site visit that morning, to go down Hod Hall Lane in case they could not get back again. I proposed that we should support the officers recommendation to refuse this application. This was passed with no one voting against.
The application to change the use from builders yard to a travellers site was refused.

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