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Cricket Returns to Haddenham

by Gareth Wilson on 5 October, 2008

Paul Buck and I have been working hard to get cricket back to Haddenham. The Recreation Committee agreed last year that we should try to get cricket back in Haddenham. The problem was that that since cricket went away to Ely; the demand from football has greatly expanded, particularly from the boys. The entire recreation field was covered with football pitches, leaving no room for the cricket square.

The only way to get more room was to level the field where it slopes away. This is a very expensive option. Although I warned of the delay in obtaining grants to fund it, a great deal of time was spent in trying to work out satisfactory layout options. It was only in early 2008 that Paul and I were set to the task of finding the cash. Paul has worked tirelessly in completing the forms and contacting the people concerned. The tenders came in far over the original estimate (£39,000 instead of £15,000). However by obtaining free sub-soil with the appropriate certificate (another delay) we look as if we might really get started soon.

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