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Straw Mess

by Gareth Wilson on 22 September, 2008

Straw lorries are driving through our villages without nets and cause a trail of straw, which not only looks unsightly but blocks drains and blows into gardens.

The problem of putting the nets over a fully loaded straw lorry has caused a massive Health and Safety problem. There is, we have been told, no safe way of putting the nets on, but the planning permission insists on netted lorries.

The Straw Burning plant is to apply for a relaxation on the planning condition. Although we sympathise with their problem we would insist on a new routing agreement before we could agree with this. This would force most lorries to use the A10 and A142, rather than driving through our villages. Any mess caused by lorries that cannot avoid village roads should be swept up.

What do you think?

We are trying to organise a meeting with local residents and the managers of the straw burning plant. If you would be interested in putting your point of view please let me know, giving me your email address or phone number.

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