Gareth Wilson

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by Gareth Wilson on 22 September, 2008

Thank you to all of you who put up “Say No to Mereham” posters in your window or on billboards in your garden. Thank you to all the hundreds of you who wrote letters in protest. Thank you to all of you who manned stalls in Ely market or the Steam Rally to collect signatures for the petition. Thank you to the thousands of you who signed the petition to say No to Mereham.

Thank you to those of you who braved the cold to wave banners outside the Arkenstall Centre every morning and evening of those seven weeks. Thank you to all the organisations that use the Arkenstall rooms and were willingly inconvenienced by the weeks of Public Inquiry, to make sure it happened locally. Thank you to those who researched the details of the thousands of pages of evidence to present the best possible case. Thank you to those 75 of you who spoke at the Public Inquiry. Thank you to those who came and sat through the seven weeks of the inquiry to show how we all thought. Thank you to those who donated the money to pay for the posters and tee shirts. Thank you to those who delivered leaflets or knocked on doors to tell people about Mereham and collect support. Thank you to all of you who spoke to neighbours and friends to tell them about the awful effect of a Mereham on our doorstep. This was a community effort, a community campaign and it was the whole community that clearly said NO TO MEREHAM.

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